Lobby entrance to installation. Video if a hand beckoning visitors in.
 Detail of front desk.
 detail of front desk.
 Lobby "cabinet".
 In the hallways of the installation were three translucent walls with rear projected video on each. they showed: central California landscape at 70 mph, Downtown LA from a train, and incoming airliners to the airport. sounds for each echoed throughout.
 There were three doors with peephole in each. Each had an image where someone is in a state of "not quite" or "in between" - sites or situations of uncertainty. This is an image of a person in a pool.
 Peep hole two.
 Peephole 3: photo of a parachute, taken by my father who was a paratrooper, mid decent.
 along the spine of the hallway were postcards from all over the world.
 Postcards. Detail
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